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Humanitini: Marion Barry and Dream City

The topic of October’s Humanitini is the concept of DC as the “dream city,” capturing the hopes and aspirations of African Americans newly freed from the grip of racial segregation. The program will look closely at the 1970s and 80s Washington. The seminal event of this time period was the election of the Honorable Marion Barry, Jr.  Mayor Barry represented a generation of African American leaders who transitioned “from the streets to the suites,” moving from the ranks of the

Humanitini: The Laboratory of Democracy

As a Federal District, Washington often serves as a proving ground for the national government’s most ground breaking political experiments. From compensated emancipation nearly nine months prior to Lincoln’s famous proclamation to Bolling v Sharpe which was decided in favor of integrating the city’s public schools, major societal transformations always seem to happen first in Washington. The program will be moderated by Pamela Perkins, a professor of public speaking at the University of the District of Columbia, Community College. Meet

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