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Humanitini: The Humanities and the Police

Join us for a conversation on how disciplines like African American Studies, History, Sociology, Law and Politics are being used as tools for training police. This panel features three local educators who are working with police in settings such as the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Anacostia Community Museum, and local college campuses. What are the goals of these programs, and are they having an impact? How do they align with the overall mission and culture of the Metropolitan

[RSVP] Humanitini: Washington Redskins, is it more than just a name?

Have another Humanitini! Our monthly, happy-hour series brings thoughtful, intellectual humanities conversations to the after-work bar scene throughout the city. Tomorrow, we will host Humanitini: A discussion about the Washington Redskins’ name at The Brixton. Tradition or epithet? Honoring or demeaning? November’s panel will discuss the Redskins’ naming controversy. The debate has implications far beyond sports or the greater DC area. No matter your stance, join us and add your perspective to the conversation! Panelists will include Suzan Shown Harjo:

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