Humanitini: Celebrating Washington, DC’s 225th Anniversary


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Happy Birthday DC!

In 1791, George Washington and the three Commissioners he selected to oversee the establishment of the new capital, agreed to name the federal district “The Territory of Columbia” and the city within “The City of Washington.” In honor of this momentous anniversary this year’s Humanitini series will trace the history of Washington, DC, sparking contemporary conversations framed by the city’s watershed moments.

On the first Thursday of each month in 2016, at the various Busboys and Poets locations throughout the city, we will look at the history of the city in 20 year increments. Specially chosen moderators and panelists will help link the obscure, monumental, marginalized, and mainstream stories about the city’s past with issues that are are relevant to present-day Washingtonians.

Program Introduction at the National Press Club:

About the Humanitni Program:

Humanitini is the name of the drink and the name of the program! These exciting happy hour conversations bring panels of academics, culture curators, musicians, experts, or whomever the occasion might call for into bars and restaurants for lively conversation and intellectual debate. Our signature “think and drink” program brings Washingtonians together to discuss issues that are timely, engaging, entertaining, and usually all of the above!

No two Humanitinis follow the exact same format, but generally: the panelists speak for 3-5 minutes each to help frame the discussion, and then the moderator will turn things over to the audience. Within the first 20 minutes or so, a crackling dialogue drives the program. Sometimes funny, sometimes provocative, always entertaining; these are conversations that you won’t hear anywhere else in DC!

Do you have a great idea for a Humanitini topic? Is your favorite watering-hole an ideal venue? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll check it out!