ALSBS Award for Teaching Leadership Through the Humanities


The Abraham Lincoln Schimel and Beatrice Schimel Award for Excellence in Teaching Leadership to High School Students Through the Humanities is an opportunity to recognize DC educators with unique and innovative methods for reaching students. Several months before each deadine, the application can be accessed by logging onto the online grants system and completing the registration process. If you would prefer to submit a nomination without logging onto the online grants system, you may use this alternate form.

ALSBS Lead In Award – Total $2500 – $1250 as an award; $1250 to create curriculum materials

TeacherInClassroomThis exciting new opportunity will award $2500 to Washington, DC high school teachers who are developing innovative new ways of using the humanities disciplines to teach their students what it means to be a leader!

Teachers may either nominate themselves or be nominated by other teachers, students, and administrators. However, all nominees must be currently employed as full time high school teachers in Washington, DC. Applications must describe the approach, how it uses humanities disciplines to integrate learning leadership capacities, and why it deserves recognition and dissemination. Applications are due on May 30, 2014.

Additional Application and Reporting Info:

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