The Humanitini Series

DC has always been a city of change, forward-thinking even as we struggle with and celebrate the complexities of our past. Now, our city is evolving faster than ever before and we want to capture the excitement of our vibrant communities where culture is created every day. To educate, inspire and build community, HumanitiesDC developed the Humanitini Series, a monthly get-together at a local restaurant or historic site. The meetings feature guest speakers who present interesting topics relevant to the District’s people and culture.

We hope you will join us when we continue this journey to share your story and answer the question: “What is your DC?”

Upcoming Humanitini Events
None currently scheduled…check back soon.

Sample of Past Humanitini Topics

Preserving LeDroit Park
Beyond Hookah and Injera: Ethiopian Culture and Identity in DC
The Legend of Mambo Sauce
Podcasting: Behind the Mic-Guide to Who, What & Where
How Film & Video in DC Reflect & Challenge Our Community
Hand Dance: A DC Tradition
Reimagining DC in 1968

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