Public Humanities Programs

As the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) designated state humanities council for Washington, DC, HumanitiesDC is a leader in serving the District, its residents, and the cultural organizations and scholars who enrich the tapestry of our diverse community. Our stakeholders – the residents of the District of Columbia – represent an audience that traverses all demographics, across all neighborhoods in our city. We hope you will connect with our community through our diverse programs.

Advocate for the humanities, heritage, and preservation through our DC Living Heritage Network.

Enrich youth development with the humanities by supporting our Soul of the City program.

Preserve our shared, heritage through DC Community Heritage Project.

Enjoy intellectual conversation over cocktails at our Humanitini series.

Discover and explore public humanities projects at our DC Digital Museum.

Preserve our rich past through the DC Oral History Collaborative.

And if you have a good idea for a humanities, heritage, or preservation program that we don’t offer, apply for funding through our Open Humanities, Soul of the City, DC Community Heritage Project, or DC Oral History Collaborative grant programs.

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