Every late-night party needs music! The R.I.S.E. Demonstration center will be rocking the entire night with music from Strayhorn Jazz, Made in the DMV, and Silent Disco!

Strayhorn Jazz (9:00-11:30pm)

Strayhorn Jazz Performance, Dance & Conversation Jam will present a mixture of compositions written by Billy Strayhorn, other iconic jazz composers and music from the artists performing that evening that the audience can dance to and engage, post performance, in conversations with presenting artists. Jazz, especially performed in Strayhorn’s early career 30s/40s, was created as an interactive experience that included dancing!

Mom ‘n ‘Em Line Dance Group, our dance partners, will engage (teaching while performing) audience members in the art of Jazz Swing, Line Dancing and Hand Dancing as the music is performed.

Our yearlong Celebrating Strayhorn! Series has challenged artists to interpret, in conversation & performance, Mr. Strayhorn’s compositions in variations-on-a-theme (Swing, Caribbean, Afro-Cuban/Latin and Straight-Ahead/Be-Bop, Hip-Hop and Blues) genres.

Vocalist Karen Lovejoy (Swing/Blues), vocalist Iva Jean Ambush (Swing/Straight-Ahead), trombonist Reginald Cyntje (Caribbean), saxophonist Craig Alston (Be-Bop/Straight-Ahead)and bassist Pepe Gonzales (Afro-Cuban / Latin) will perform a medley of Strayhorn compositions that Mom ‘n ‘Em Line Dance Group and the audience can dance to for one hour.

Following the performance, the performing artists will share their Musical Journeys with Strayhorn stories with the audience who’ll be invited to use their portable media (cell/pads) devices to record & stream the event via the Internet to their network of friends unable to attend.

Made in the DMV (12:00am – 2:30am)


Silent Disco Powered by Silent Storm (1:00am – 2:30am)


Silent Disco Powered by Silent Storm

Silent disco is a unique way of experiencing live music – whether it be a DJ or even a live band. Guests wear wireless headphones and a silent atmosphere instantly transforms in to a high energy musical performance.



When the silent disco headphones are on, the sound is crisp and clear anywhere in the venue – whether you are in front, in back or even in line for the restroom (just because you need to take a break, doesn’t mean the music has to 🙂 . And since both, you and the performer(s) are wearing headphones, guests can hear the music exactly how it is intended to be heard in true stereo sound regardless of your position in the audience.

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