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At its core, HATFEST is a thought provoker, a boundary tester, and an idea machine. It’ll be late, but you might want to grab a coffee so you can keep pace with these lively exchanges! To be honest, we don’t just mean “discussions” we mean film screenings, we mean oral history recordings, we mean art exhibits, and we mean writing workshops. We hope all festival-goers leave with new knowledge of and perspectives on Washington, DC!

Humanitini: Evening of Philosophy (7:30-8:30pm)

HumanitiniHoward and Georgetown University scholars will discuss and explore topics including: “Are We Really Free?,” “Moving Through Urban Space – How Cities Make Us Who We Are,” and “What are ‘Micro-Aggressions’ and Why Should We Care?”

Humanitini is the name of the drink and the name of the program! These exciting happy hour  conversations bring panels of academics, culture curators, musicians, experts, or whomever the occasion might call for into bars and restaurants for lively conversation and intellectual debate. Our signature “think and drink” program brings Washingtonians together to discuss issues that are timely, engaging, entertaining, and usually all of the above!

Global Kids: Audio Visual Presentation (7:30-8:30pm)

Double Nickels Theatre Group Oral History Project (7:30-8:30pm)

Port of Harlem Design Lecture (7:30-8:30pm)

From Studio to Mansion:  Making a Happy Place.  Sherry Burton, founding principal designer of Kreative Ways & Solutions, will walk participants through the value of decluttering, choosing colors, and designing multi-functional spaces.  The interior design workshop will include a Q and A session and interaction as participants make design decisions.

Port of Harlem: Chat with Gambia (7:30-8:30pm)

Facebook Chat with Gambians.  After a slideshow presentation from Wayne Young, Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership (POHGEP) President, who has been involved with projects in Gambia since 2002, the participants will engage in Facebook conversations with teenage and young adult Gambians who participate in the (POHGEP) Facebook Friends project.  The Friends combat xenophobia using technology.  After the program, participants can continue to dialogue.

American Islamic Heritage Museum and KaNikki Jakarta Poetry Slam (7:30-8:30pm)

The DC Muslim Writers Collective will facilitate the “Listen to the City” Slam which will feature a pre-determined list of DC local Muslim writers and poets. Preference will be given to those who participated in the DC Muslim Writers Collective September monthly workshop (open to the public) at America’s Islamic Heritage Museum (part of our marketing plan).

DC Murals: Spectacle and Story – Public Art Presentation (9:00pm-12:30am)

dcmuralsDC’s mural art, dating from the 1970s has a long tradition of transmitting history and culture to the broader public. In Washington, while national themes are certainly expressed, mural art is local art, both shaping and reflecting its community.  The muralists who have worked in Wards 7 and 8, many of whom are natives of the area, have listened to their neighbors, sponsors, and ANC representatives in interpreting the great stories of our times, within the context of their location “East of the River,” long a neglected area of the city. In so doing, In so doing they have carried their messages of affirmation far beyond the river boundaries to both residents and visitors alike.

Port of Harlem Garifuna Film Screening (9:00-11:30pm)

Afro and Latino. Erica Harding, producer of “On Our Land: Being Garifuna in Honduras,” will show the 20-minute film showcasing the Garifuna people of Honduras and Jonathan French will screen the slideshow “Unexpected Faces in Unexpected Places” that showcases the Afro-Latino communities he visited during trips to Central and South America.   They will start their presentations with a talk and end with a Q and A session.  This use of the art of film, photography, and talking will expand the participants’ concepts of what it means to be of African heritage – – during Hispanic Heritage Month.

American Islamic Heritage Museum Writers’ Workshop (9:00-10:30pm)

The DC Muslim Writers Collective will facilitate the Writers Workshop which will encourage participants to “Listen to the City” through their multiple identities (religion, race, gender, ect.) and give attendees the opportunity to improve their writing skills, and network with local writers.

“The House Maid” Film Screening (10:00pm-12:00am)

Viewing of “The House Maid.”  Gambian Cherno Jallow wrote and directed the 90-minute film about a wife that loses her man to their maid. Before the film, Port of Harlem’s Wayne Young, will give a brief talk about The Gambia.  After the filming, viewers will discuss the film and chat with Jallow via Facebook and may keep in contact with Jallow.

SouthEast Trinity Anacostia Past, Present, and Future dialogue (11:00pm-12:30am)

DC Digital Museum film screenings (12:00am-2:30pm)

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