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1968: The Journey 50 Years Later

“The media doesn’t show it but there’s got to be more to the story. Right?”   Each year, we award the DC Community Heritage Project Grant to local historians who seek to preserve, protect and breathe life into our city’s history. Through creative endeavors from documentaries to exhibits, our grantees encourage discussion around a central theme. This year, that theme was 1968; the tragedy and triumph, artists and influence, music and moments that would change the world. In a documentary

Join Us for Our 2018 DC Community Heritage Project Showcase and Symposium

DC has always been a city of change. The history of our neighborhoods has been written and rewritten by generations of residents who create and contribute to our vibrant communities. The DC Community Heritage Project empowers DC residents to celebrate their stories, preserve their memory, and prepare us for the next chapter. Join Humanities DC along with our grantees and partners at the annual DC Community Heritage Project Showcase and Symposium. This year, our grantees focus their projects on the

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