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Participants in Radio Rootz DC, a "media literacy and production program for youth," interviewed members of the Ward 1 community in Washington, DC.

Hari Jones, curator of the African American Civil War Museum, discusses history, his work at the…

The Humanities Profiled Dr, Ira Berlin, a distinguished Professor of History at the University of Marylandon, on the HCWDC's cable television show. The show is hosted by E. Ethelbert Miller, writer, historian and Chairman of the Council's Board. Dr.…

Behind the veil.mpg_snapshot_07.48_[2015.04.01_10.51.27].jpg
This is a three part film that touches on subject of the civil war, the civil rights movement, and the steel strikes. The first part refers to Abraham Lincoln's thoughts and involvement in the Civil War.
The second part is documenting African…

A Capital Community explores the economic and social adjustments of Jews who moved from urban areas into the largely rural life style of pre-World War II Washington. The film also highlights their preservation of a distinctive religious and cultural…
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