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This documentary film uses oral history to examine the lives of African-American Muslim women in Washington, DC primarily during the 1940's and 50's. It is the second film in the series.

The narrators discuss the Muslim faith, black history in the…

This documentary discusses the unique situation experienced by many women living in public housing, focusing specifically on the women of the Frederick Douglass Dwellings in Southeast Washington, DC. The film is comprised primarily of video oral…

This documentary, produced by the Georgetown Kiwanis Foundation, explores the life of Georgetown resident and community activist Asher L. "Al" Wheeler. Wheeler was a businessman, lawyer, politician, and real estate developer.Click Here to Access the…

All Souls children prepare relief boxes for the children of Hiroshima, Japan, 1948.

All Souls children reading and learning near bulletin boards. Age is tween to teen.

All Souls children posed with a visiting delegation from the Philippines, June 7, 1931.

All Souls Church Unitarian is an historic congregation in Washington, DC. In 2012 the church began to build an archive from its collection of photographs dating back to the 1890s. This finder's guide lists the digital file names of approximately 589…

This online exhibit and photo collection was created as part of the congregation's efforts to organize, archive, and preserve its historic photo collection. The exhibit features a narrative history, a small portion of the photo archive, and a…

All Souls children say goodbye to Religious Education Director Gabrielle, May 2012.

All Souls' second building, at the corner of 14th and L Streets, NW.

The congregation, originally called First Unitarian, moved into this building in 1877 and changed its name to All Souls Church Unitarian

All Souls' second building at the corner of 14th and L Streets, NW.

The congregation, originally called First Unitarian, moved into this building in 1877 and changed its name to All Souls Church Unitarian.

26-1956- youngpeoples.jpg
All Souls young people in front of church.

This full National Park Service National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form was created by the Tenleytown Historical Society in an effort to get several historic properties included on the Register. The document includes…

An All Souls Church School class in the Eaton room.

Mervyn Smyth, a visiting fellow at the Honfleur Gallery in Washington, DC, took a series of powerful images of people and places in Anacostia, and used them in an exhibit called Anacostia Exposed. The project was a local version of a similar project…

The Anacostia Bicyclists' Association organized this history tour to encourage young people to explore the sites of interest within their own neighborhoods. The ABA provides bike safety training, and the tour was meant to give more people a reason to…

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"Arab Women: Image and Reality" explores the development of the Arab Women's Movement and the challenges that Arab women face even today.. Join Special Guest Carol Hill Lowe and Panelists Hala Maksoud, Afaf Mahfouz, Mervat Hatem, and Suha Sabbagh in…

Carmen James Lane of the Humanities Council of Washington, DC, and Kenneth Carroll of the DC Writers' Corps discuss their collaborations on the Council's City Lights program. City Lights was a program that brought educational programming to residents…

Dr. Ted Shell and Professor Stanley Cowell discuss the life and works of Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington with Marilou Donahue.
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