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Humanitini: Ethiopian Culture and Identity in DC

June 7th Humanitini (For Eventbrite)

Just off U Street, in what we affectionately know as “Little Ethiopia”, one can find the vibrant enclave of restaurants, grocery stores, and mom-and-pop shops. When immigrants arrived in droves in the early 2000’s, the Ethiopian community began to expand beyond this four-block stretch. Their culture has since blossomed in the nation’s capital. For many of us, our first entre into Ethiopian culture has been through hookah and traditional foods. However, in our next Humanitini, we will examine the Ethiopian experience in DC in depth:

Humanitini: The Legend of Mambo Sauce

The legend of Mumbo Sauce

Bright red, or murky brown, few foods define DC like Mambo Sauce. Surprisingly, this little sauce has cooked up big talk of loyalty, credibility, and cultural appropriation. Now served in white tablecloth establishments, or on styrofoam plates this secret sauce and the memories it inspires have been invoked by local bands, local entrepreneurs, and residents from across the city. Our discussion will look for the DC roots of Mambo Sauce, and where its home is. Hopefully we’ll find out whose

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