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Humanitini: Podcasting: Behind the Mic-Guide to Who, What & Where


Join HumanitiesDC for a lively discussion on what many call the new community radio ecosystem – podcasting – free audio shows delivered on demand over the Internet. Ever since the 2014 smash hit, Serial, the true story of a murdered Maryland high school student, podcasting has become a powerful storytelling tool. About a quarter of all Americans listen to podcasts a month, fueled by smartphones and mobile devices. We’ll explore the Washington DC landscape of podcasting from the big players like public

Humanitini: How Film & Video in DC Reflect & Challenge Our Community


From the Capitol dome and the monuments to the majestic architecture throughout our community, Washington, DC has served as a backdrop for both small and big screens. Join HumanitiesDC (HDC) in a vibrant look at the beauty of our community via film and video but also the red tape and challenges faced by producers and filmmakers to capture those images and create stories here. Join HumanitiesDC and Double R Productions at this Humanitini for a lively discussion to talk how

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