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Humanitini: How Film & Video in DC Reflect & Challenge Our Community


From the Capitol dome and the monuments to the majestic architecture throughout our community, Washington, DC has served as a backdrop for both small and big screens. Join HumanitiesDC (HDC) in a vibrant look at the beauty of our community via film and video but also the red tape and challenges faced by producers and filmmakers to capture those images and create stories here. Join HumanitiesDC and Double R Productions at this Humanitini for a lively discussion to talk how

Humanitini: Hand Dance: A DC Tradition

Hand Dance_ A DC Tradition - CC (1)

“It’s the music that makes you move,” and by City Council resolution, Hand Dance is the official dance of DC. Developed in the Washington, DC area in the early 1950s by African Americans as a form of recreation and entertainment, Hand Dance is rooted in the floor version of swing. In the early days, the best dancers honed their skills at Turner’s Arena, Lincoln Colonnade, and the U-Line Arena to the tunes of big bands led by Louis Jordan and

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