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Humanitini: Reimagining DC in 1968

Reimagining DC in 1968

1968 was a pivotal year for Washington, DC and the nation. News of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. spread rapidly through the city, and violence was not far behind. What is often lost in this conversation is the fundamental ways in which residents’ perceptions changed. Perceptions about public safety, perceptions about race relations, and perceptions about the government’s ability to affect change transformed. In partnership with dc1968’s Marya McQuirter and the American Historical Association during their annual meeting, this month’s Humanitini will discuss

Humanitini: Veterans & Reintegrating with Civilian Life

Nov 2017 Humanitini

This Month: Veterans & Reintegrating with Civilian Life The challenges of reintegrating veterans have been well-documented. Civilians may be surprised to know that many veterans – like their World War II ancestors – transition back into the “real world” by attending school on the GI Bill. This event will provide a platform for veterans and their loved ones to share their perspectives on the various paths to returning to civilian life. Join Ely S. Ross, the Director of the Mayor’s

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