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Humanitini: Explore the Cuban Presence in DC!

Copy of Humanitini- How Local Universities Are Jumpstarting Creative Industries

This Month: The Cuban Presence in DC In December 2014, President Barack Obama, Jr. announced an historic opening of American relations with Cuba. Cuban ties to the District of Columbia long pre-date that announcement. Let’s explore the Cuban cultural influences on DC – in terms of music, dance, food, and religion – with a panel of Cuban Americans who have lived in the area all of their lives. What is Humanitini? Humanitini is an exciting happy hour event where Washington’s

Humanitini: Statehood & New Columbia

Humanitini- Statehood & New Columbia (1)

This Month: Statehood & New Columbia What does the 115th Congress have in store for the District of Columbia? On 03 January 2017, the first session of that legislative body meets. Up until recently, Congress has used the District as a laboratory of democracy, conducting social experiments. Will the District accept these changes, or revive its historic effort to achieve the status of a sovereign state? Join the conversation 6:30-8:30pm on April 6th at the Anacostia Arts Center, 1231 Good

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