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2017 DC Community Heritage Project Grantee Showcase

DCCHP Showcase 2017

The history of our neighborhoods has been written and rewritten by generations of residents who create and contribute to our vibrant communities. The DC Community Heritage Project (DCCHP)  – a partnership between HumantiesDC and the Office of Historic Preservation, empowers DC residents to celebrate their stories, preserve their memory, and prepare us for the next chapter. Join Humanities DC and our granteesand partners at the annual DC Community Heritage Project Showcase and Symposium to learn more about this exciting work RSVP here. Congratulations

Grants Available for Good Stories & Ideas!

Open Humanities

HumanitiesDC functions as a “quiet catalyst,” spearheading bold new ventures and then putting them in the hands of capable stewards – supporting small, community-based projects that capture the stories and ideas that make Washington, DC a unique and special city. Our Open Humanities Grant Program supports projects that bring the humanities disciplines to the people of Washington, DC. Formally, these include: modern languages, classical languages, linguistics, literature, history, jurisprudence, philosophy, archaeology, comparative religion, ethics, and history, criticism, and theory of the arts.

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