Alexander Crummell Elementary School 1900 Gallaudet Street, NE














The first school on this site was called the Ivy City School, built in 1896 to serve D.C.'s first railroad suburb. Located along a horse-drawn streetcar line, Ivy City was populated primarily by Navy Yard workers and their families. A fairgrounds notable for its horse races opening just north of Ivy City in 1879. The current building was erected in 1911 and renamed for a prominent African-American clergyman, abolitionist, and author. In 1932, an addition was added to the rear.

The construction of Union Station spelled the end of the Ivy City neighborhood. The B & O railroad consolidated its tracks west of the neighborhood, and by 1904 there was no longer a train station nearby. Soon after, the north side of the community became the site of warehouses and industrial buildings. The school closed in the late 1960s, and was used briefly as a daycare and community center before shutting permanently in 1972. Although in bad physical shape, the building still stands, and you can clearly see the separate entrances marked for Girls (facing Gallaudet Street, NE) and Boys (facing the parking lot). It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.