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Humanitini: The Laboratory of Democracy


As a Federal District, Washington often serves as a proving ground for the national government’s most ground breaking political experiments. From compensated emancipation nearly nine months prior to Lincoln’s famous proclamation to Bolling v Sharpe which was decided in favor of integrating the city’s public schools, major societal transformations always seem to happen first in Washington. The program will be moderated by Pamela Perkins, a professor of public speaking at the University of the District of Columbia, Community College. Meet

Humanitini: Home of the March and Rally


From the Bonus Army to the Million Man March, Washington, DC is the place to make your voice heard. Protestors, activists, and concerned citizens from across the country make the trek to DC where they believe they can make their case on a national stage. We’ll discuss how public protest has changed over the last 100 years in Washington? How has it been effective? How is it changing? Will the next march take place entirely on Instagram? This month’s Humanitini

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