Impact of HumanitiesDC

The Humanities Council of Washington, DC (HumanitiesDC) aims to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of culture in the Nation’s Capital through humanities programming and grants.

We reach over 667,000 people every year, including thousands of children, to engage them in substantive discussions surrounding community history, socio-political issues, literature, and more. We reach out to each of the eight wards to encourage residents to embrace the breadth and depth of DC’s culture and to collaborate with us to develop activities that promote diversity, dialogue, and life-long learning.

In FY13, the Humanities Council produced 31 programs throughout the city, including our Humanitini programs, DC Community Heritage Project Symposium, the Arts and Humanities Festival in Ward 8, and the Live to Read program, reaching over 3,300 residents. In FY13, we awarded $184,000 in grant funding which supported 56 grant sponsored events, and served over 365,000 DC residents. 

In FY13, the Humanities Council produced over 22 workshops throughout the city, reaching over 653 residents with educational content and helpful tips for completing grant applications, conducting oral history projects, producing documentaries and so much more.

In addition, the Humanities Council works with DCTV to create TV shows that highlight the work of several of our grantees from the DC Community Heritage Project. The grantees selected for this honor have completed projects that explore our local neighborhood history through documentaries, brochures, walking tours, and oral histories. Our DCTV shows educate an audience of over 300,000 residents throughout the year.

Through the support of people like you, we will deepen the impact of Humanities DC in 2014 and years to come. To make a donation, please click here. Thank you for supporting the humanities in our nation’s capital.


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