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YDCDM Langdon Canceled


This event has been postponed due to inclement weather! On February 21, 2015, the Your DC Digital Museum program will set up shop at the Langdon Park Recreation Center (2901 20th Street, NE)! We’ll bring scanners, cameras, and other equipment to digitize community members’ personal historic archives on the spot. Originals will be returned to their owners along with a flash drive full of digital copies! The digitized material will also be added to the DC Digital Museum, Washington’s ever-growing

Small Grants, Big Impact


Get a grant of up to $1500 to help support your humanities project Humanities DC Small grants have gone on to do some big things. Apply now and get some help with research, planning, publication, dissemination, or anything in between. The application deadline has been extended to March 10th. Last year alone, we supported: 1. A project aimed at documenting the history of African American trailblazers working in the public relations field. 2. An analysis of the “Washington Color School” and